The grand panorama of changing seasons in America's oldest and largest national park provides a stunning backdrop as YELLOWSTONE explores the history of man's presence in this ever-changing land. From an exhilarating running of river rapids in canoes and face-to-face encounters with grizzly bears, to an exploration of the interior of Old Faithful, YELLOWSTONE showcases the wonder of one of the strangest and most interesting places on the planet; the spectacular beauty, dramatic geothermal activity and wildlife unique to this region. This film captures moments and experiences that one does not encounter on a cursory visit to the park.

Movie Info:
Producers: Richard W. James and Keith Merrill
Written and Directed by Keith Merrill
Music by Bill Conti
Director of Photography: Reed Smoot
Year: 1994
Run Time: 35 minutes
Language(s): English, German, Mandarin in Dolby 5.1
Subtitles: English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish and Mandarin

YELLOWSTONE. A Destination Cinema Production



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